Here’s my story.... l am a mum with teenage kids from Melbourne. I have had my own start-up business before and worked in the corporate world pre family.

Covid-19 and two lockdowns have certainly given me lots of thinking time.  Plenty of it positive and now l have dived in headfirst nurturing a business idea l have had on the back burner.

Wind back five years and picture me trying to deal with a rogue garden hose. Kinks everywhere, can’t hang it because it’s so bent, heavy, kinks again, water won’t come out properly, colour faded, and the plastic connectors are cracked.

Sick of the fight, l went in search of a solution. Find a garden hose that not only doesn’t kink, fade or is heavy, but looks good too. Took a punt and bought some. Kept a couple at home, a couple at our beach house and gave some away. Feedback was great, several friends said l should start selling them. I demurred; life was busy enough.

Fast forward and here l am, a women from the days of the word processor with average social media skills and lots of time on her hands having a go at setting up an online business.

I love my product; the timing is great to launch with so many at home and l am up for the challenge. Mistakes will be made but l will learn as l go and my tech savvy teens will help me along the way.  We are ready, so far, it’s been a fun life pivot!

The Gardenista